Whats going on?

Okay I’ve been in a little Slump lately. I’ve not wanted to do anything at all besides lay on the couch an watch TV and mess with my phone. I’m 52 days out until our wedding and I am crazy stressing out about everything. I would have to say this is the worst experience I’ve had for planning our wedding. Today I was going through a few Mom Blogs I read and I was just amazed on how they are so well put together. They can wake up and do their makeup, actually fit into their clothes, and then I realized that I’m just not okay with how i’m a personally being a mom at this moment, and how I don’t like the fact that I hate my self. So from now things are going to change starting here, I’m changing this blog to become about anything I damn well please. From Disney to what I use to actually clean the house and try not to make it smell like a locker room. Simple as that! I want to thank the who have been emailing me wondering what is going on and how I’m doing. I can now say I will make this a weekly thing, posting on here and staying consistent! I hope you stay tuned and enjoy everything I post!

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Disney's Monster's Inc. Cake Jars

Bentley has always loved the movie “Monster’s Inc” and “Monsters University”. His first birthday was actually themed as Monsters Inc. Loving this movie, we decided to have a movie night, and I thought making some Monsters Inc. inspired food would be an awesome bonus.

 What do you need:

Mason jars
Vanilla cake mix and recipe ingredients (water, oil, and eggs)
Vanilla frosting
Food coloring (neon green, neon blue, purple)
Small pastry bag and hairy icing tip

What to do :

1. follow instructions on the cake box and make your cake mix.
2. After you have your cake mix already separate cake mix into 3 bowls
3. Take you neon food coloring and mix in Blue into one bowl, Green into one bowl, and in your smallest bowl use purple food coloring.
4. Begin filling jars. For the Mike jar, fill jar halfway with green cake mix. For the Sulley jar, add a layer of blue cake mix, then add small drops of purple cake mix on the sides. Continue adding purple spots as you layer in blue cake mix. Do not fill more than halfway.
5. I baked mine for about 20 Minutes , but keep watch on them cause they can become brown on the bottom if you cook them too long.
6. Let cakes cool completely before icing.
7. For the Mike cake put a quarter dot of icing in the middle for the white of his eyes, and using the blue food coloring  make blue icing and  put a dime size dot on top of the white icing.
8. Making Sully use the pastry bag , put the rest of your blue icing in the bag and pipe the icing on the cake making it look like hair, or use a grass /hairy icing tip.
9. In a separate pastry bag using the purple icing repeat step 8.
10. Serve and enjoy!

Now if you have any cake mix left , make some cupcake with them! Just put the cake mix in cupcake liners , in cupcake pans the same way you did the mason jars (only fill half way) , bake for as long as the box says too and icing just like you did for the mason jars! Serve and Enjoy! These are even good for those mom who wants a snack on the go! Wont be disappointed.
Make them and tell me what you think! Leave a comment below!

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Leo's 1 Month Update

Leo is already 1 Month old, so just like I did with my pregnancy updates, I thought I’d do Leo updates every month!


  • Starting to become more awake each day
  • Doctor says he’s gaining weight and is healthy as can be! 
  • Starting to Coo 
  • Loves being held
  • Loves Tummy Time
  • Has baby acne
Weight:   Birth: 8lbs 7oz,  1Month: 12lbs 
Clothes size: 0-3 Months
Sleep: Sleeping 3-4 hours straight
Best Moment This month: We took Leo to Disney for his first time! obviously he wont remember but its memories the whole family will remember! Especially because James asked me to marry him while at Disney!
Upcoming Appointments/Events:

Leo’s next Appointment is May 3rd for his 2nd month check up!

Thanks for reading! What was your 1 Month old like at this age? Leave a comment below!

Jessica Wallace

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A letter from a young mom.

A letter from a young mom


In this world we live in now, becoming a mother at a younger age is becoming more of the norm. Yet even though it happens more and more, people seem to judge you more and more. They say that becoming a mom or parent at such a young age ends your life. That all you can ever become is a toy picking up, diaper changing, bath giving, and snot nose wipin everyday mamma.

I recently had a friend of mine travel on a 5 month hike, and on one of his inspirational post through Instagram some things he said caught my attention. Now he wasn’t putting down anyone, but instead encouraging people and do things you wouldn’t normally do like he did by going on this long endeavor. See his amazing photos of his travel here.

Now seeing his amazing adventure it came to me, that my life, my normal everyday mamma life is also truly amazing. I know this, and have known this since my son was born, but I believe that some people out there think that becoming a parent at such a young age ends your life,  now I’m not knocking what my friend went through and how i know it was a life changing experience, I just want to let people in on a little secret. Being a toy picking up, diaper changing, bath giving, and snot nose wipin everyday mamma is possibly the most amazing and exciting adventure you will ever have in life because it never ends.

Finding that person who will truly unconditionally love you, that when you see their smile it lights up your world, that watching day by day how they learn something brand new, and become so excited and proud of themselves when they do. It’s so rewarding, like opening  a new present each day for the rest of your life. Not just for a few months, or weeks, or days, but forever.

So mom’s to be, don’t think that your life will become irrelevant or that what you will go through each day is boring or lacks adventure, because it’s so much adventure, that some times your body will crash, you will be tired and never get a moment of peace, that even going to the bath room alone will be hard but all will be worth it.


Thanks for Reading


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What single parent's want you to know about dating them.



So after having my son Bentley, I dated a few guys. I needed them to know i was a single parent but I had everything under control. I did end up finding someone who truly loves me and my son, but before things got serious I sat James down and basically said all of these things to him and made sure he understood it.

Do you think maybe you found that perfect person, someone you wouldn’t mind catching a movie with or taking out on a fancy dinner.. when reality hits and you find out they are a single parent. Now being a single parent can be many things, taking care of their child completely on their own with no help from the other maker of the child, or the other parent is involved but they are no longer together with the person you want to date. SO you sit there and possibly think “I don’t want to be a parent too” , ” I don’t want to be a part of that Baby Daddy/mama drama”, or my favorite ” I don’t want to take care of two people”. Well here what few of us single parents want you to know.

10. Just because you are dating us , does not mean you have to take care of us and our child. 

We got this, obviously. I mean what do you think we were doing prior to dating you. Please do not think that we secretly say in our minds when we first meet “Hmm yes this one will provide everything for us and I don’t have to provide for my own child at all” No, most of us ( not all ) are not gold digging assholes and in all honesty we’re probably wondering if you’re good with children or even like them.

9. We will cancel sometimes because of our children. 

Our children come first, if one’s sick, or the babysitter has to cancel well then we will have to cancel. Will this happen every single date, NO! Can it? Yes, so get it through your head now , that things happen when dating someone with a child. Things we can not control.

8. Do not tell us how to parent our own child.

If and when we finally let you meet our child, and you sit there and tell me what to feed my kid, or how to discipline them, you need to just stand up and walk out. I won’t tell you how to eat and dress, so don’t do it to us, we get it from other parents enough as it is. Now if we’ve been dating a while and I give your permission that’s a different story, but only if we say it’s okay. Just know when you cross that line though, you are crossing a parenting line.

7. Just because we have ” Baby Mamma/Daddy” drama does not mean you do.

Now some are a tad bit crazy, which again we can not control. Should we have picked a better person, probably. But that other person gave us our wonderful child and that we are grateful for. Just because we have to deal with them does not mean you need too.

6. Just because we are together does not mean you are my child’s “Step Parent”.

If you are completely on board with the whole parenting thing then awesome for you. But this doesn’t mean my child has to call you Mommy/Daddy. If you and my child are okay with it, then that’s a different story, but we want everyone to be comfortable.

5. If you hate children, and do not see yourself ever wanting children or liking them ever. Just Stop and turn around.

It’s nothing personal…okay maybe it is, but if you don’t like kids well then i’m sorry but it wont work. See our child is our world, and we want to find some who will want to or eventually want to spend time with us together.

4. We are a packaged deal.

No, we cant sell them. ( we’ve already tried that… Kidding). We can’t just drop them off every night at the other parents house or babysitters to come be with you. Again they are our world, the reason why we wake up and move our asses to the shitty work place everyday. So we can get them want they need and mostly want. So you take us both or none at all.

3. Please do not think buying our child everything impresses us.

If we see that you’re trying to buy our babies love/liking you, we’ll think it’s cute the first few times but we want them to love/like you on their own, and for who you are, not want you get them.

2. We can still have fun! 

Believe it or not, we can still go out and party and have fun! Obviously not every night or week end. Yes, we will want date’s were we can just sit watch a movie and relax. Cause being a single parent is not easy. We also can go out to a club or a party and drink and have fun, just like any other person out there! We not boring trolls.

1.Our child will always come before you.

Hell, our child comes before ourselves. So if you think were just going to push them aside for you. You are very very wrong, and need to date someone without children.


Bottom line.. our kids again are our world. We love them with all our hearts and couldn’t imagine life with out them. We are strong and do not need your help, in parenting or providing the minute we get together. We will not hesitate to push you aside for them, and if you are with us long enough to want to become part of our little family. I promise you it is the most rewarding thing with all the love and happiness we bring.

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