Goblies Paintball review

If you are a frequent shopper at Micheals the craft store, you would have seen some awesome summer fun items start coming out on the shelves. While recently shopping I found Goblies, and fun way to have a paint fight, or decorate a canvas. So we went and bought some, along with white shirts to see how well Goblies actually work. Here’s our review!

Lets first start off with the actual product. The fact that it is made out of seaweed and food based ingredients is a huge plus, this means that it is not harmful to either people nor our environment. They come in a good variety of colors, so like in this case we all had our own color.  The colors missing that we didn’t get are Blue, green, and orange, the cost $6.99 per bag at Micheals but if you go on their website they almost always have a coupon for one regular priced, or if you wait until there is a 15% or 20% coupon for the entire purchase like we did it save a few dollars.

We also got the Play Paint and squirt guns to go along with it. These bags also run for $6.99 and the smaller guns were $2.99, they do have a bigger gun as well that runs for $8.99 but this paint can go through any squirt gun per the Goblies website. We did have fun playing with all of these products, one negative thing was that the paint balls really didn’t break all that easy when thrown at someone, we ended up having to squish them in our hand toward who ever we were trying to get it on. The paint guns were awesome, the kids both loved it, I would suggest getting the bigger gun because with the smaller ones it ran out very quickly. The paint is made to not dry even with hours in the sun, so I would find it hard to put it on a canvas. One other problem we had was the paint is suppose to wash off with just water, we found even with a little scrub it looked like it stained our skin, but of course the simple solution with that was to just add some soap and it came off easily. We bought white shirts, to go along with it, it is suppose to come off of and be washable. I will update when I get them out of the washing machine.

All and all its a pretty fun thing to do on a weekend with the kids, we probably will be getting more of the Play paint , and having a bunch more paint fights!

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