Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Honeymoon

Well he put a ring on it ladies and gents, on April 6th James and I said I do and started a new chapter in our lives. I didn’t think I would feel different but oddly enough I do. All the wedding stress, and worrying if he was going to leave me at the alter (yes that was a serious fear of mine) is gone and I feel so much happier all the time now. We had a beautiful Tangled themed wedding which I will be writing a post on that shortly with all of our DIY Wedding decor.

This post is about our honeymoon and all the fun things we did and why we will be going back to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Our Cabin :

We stayed in the cabin called “Hooked on Love” by Cabins for you, its a cute one bedroom cabin that sleeps 4, has a full kitchen, Living room space, two bathrooms, loft/pool table room, Jacuzzi outside, and a big jet tub in the bedroom. It had an amazing view of the mountains, and was a maybe 7 minute commute to basically everything we did. It was sweet and cozy, and everything was so clean, you could tell that Cabins For You really cares for their guests.

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Alcatraz Museum:

Alcatraz Crime Museum was a blast, we did the VIP Admission which is $34.95 for Adults and $24.95 for children ages 8-12, kids 7 and under are free. There is also Law/Military discounts just tell them at the counter when getting your tickets. The VIP included 100 interactive exhibits, one Audio Tour, one Top Detective Challenge guide book and the “Heist!”. If you have kids I wouldn’t suggest the audio tour only because you have to listen and with kids that just wont happen. Even though it was just James and I, we noticed there was a lot of things for the boys to do if we were to bring them back. There was a laser room, which basically you have to be a bad ass criminal and get through the room without touching the lasers, we had so much fun here and I know I learned a lot, especially about what James does when working at the jail.

Paula Deen’s Family Resturant:

Holy delicious food! I have non stopped raved about this restaurant, besides the amazing food, the view from where you sit and eat was beautiful! Okay so you eat what they call “Family Style” meaning you basically all share. I know weird but stay with me, It’s means it’s also endless food, which that means you can just keep fillin up those plates. Now the bummer is you cant take any home with you but by the 2nd plate you are already so full that you don’t want to even think about food anyway. For lunch it was $16.99 per person and $9.99 for kids ages 5-10, you get 2 entrees, 4 sides, and everyone gets a desert. We got the “Best Ever Fried Chicken” and “Chicken-Fried Pork Chop” for our Entrees, both were so delicious. Our favorite part was the Sides, we got the Creamed Potatoes, Creamed Corn, Baked Mac and Cheese, and the Buttered White Rice. The Creamed Potatoes was my favorite and I am now trying to find the recipe to remake it. The only part we didnt like was the buttered Rice,  it was not fully cooked so after one bite we didn’t even touch it. The desert was okay, I got the Peach Cobbler, and James got the Banana Pudding, both were nothing amazing but as James said ” It filled in the cracks”.

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine: 

James loved this place, for the fact that it was a whole store with just shelves of moonshine. For $5 you can try a little bit of about 12 different flavors, I quit third one in because im a big sissy and not a big drinker and I didn’t really like them. James on the other hand tried about everyone and said they were all really good!

Hollywood Wax Museum:

James and I had a lot of fun here, you go around and see all different celebs made out of wax and there are fun props that you can pose with them as well. We got the All Access Pas which included the Hollywood Wax Museum, Castle of Chaos, Zombie Outbreak, & Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, also we got to go up top by the gorilla and get a view of the beautiful mountains that we were surrounded by! For Adult’s it is $32.99, and from ages 4-11 it is $19.99 again that is for the All Access pass, there is Military Discount as well. After we went and explored the Wax museum which was such a fun experience we then walked across the parking lot to where the Castle of Chaos, Zombie Outbreak, & Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors were. We did all three and to be honest I really wouldn’t suggest doing this with kids. The Maze of Mirriors was pretty cool and kids will like that part, but the Zombie Outbreak is just like a haunted house and if you scare easily then well I would skip that part (I cried the whole time ). There is the Castle of Chaos virtual game where you have 3D glasses sit down and you shoot what ever is taking over the town, that was pretty cool but i found it kind of intense and loud so I wouldn’t bring Bentley or Leo to play it.


Titanic Museum: 

This Museum was awesome! I felt as that we were actually on the ship, The designers did such amazing job bringing it back to life for visitors. When entering you may NOT take photos inside unless told so, they have you put what ever camera if you bring it, in a bag. You become apart of what happened as well, they give you a paper with the information of someone who was on that ship when the Titanic sank, you find out what your fate is at the end of the museum in the memorial room. You go through where they slept and ate for each class that was abroad the ship. There are amazing things from the actual ship that they have found, there are no replicas which is pretty awesome considering how old they are. They switch out the artifacts each year so there is always something new to learn each time you go back. They also give you an audio tour listener , which again if you brought your kids you wont use much. In my opinion I wouldn’t bring Bentley or Leo here until they were a bit older so that they could understand and appreciate the beautiful things found and the stories told. We ended up using Groupon to get our tickets so we saved about $5, not a whole lot but it still counts. Admission for ages 12 and up is $26.00. and kids 5-11 is $13.00.


The Island:

The Island is where we went to relax on our last day, we walked around and went into all the little shops that were there. This is also where Paula Deen’s Restaurant is and the Ole Smokey Moonshine store that we went on the first day, there is also a bunch of fun things to do with the family like Arcade room, and go carts, some kids rides. This is definitely geared towards families with kids, but for you adults there is Margaritaville there (You’re welcome). We went on the Great Wheel and the view was breath taking, especially when the sun is going down. It was $15.00 per person, but if you go to a Walmart or welcome center you can get a coupon book that has a coupon for a few dollars off again not a whole lot but still a little money savor.

We did not get to explore everything, next time we are going to bring the kids with us because there is a lot to do here in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I definitely would look into grabbing the coupon books at the local Walmart or Welcome center just to save a few bucks here and there! We hope you enjoyed looking back at our favorite vacation yet and we cant wait to share our upcoming vacation to Colorado in the fall! If you want to see more of our honeymoon and all the funny pictures I took of James at all the Museums then visit our Instagram and click the “Honeymoon” highlight!

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