Whats going on?

Okay I’ve been in a little Slump lately. I’ve not wanted to do anything at all besides lay on the couch an watch TV and mess with my phone. I’m 52 days out until our wedding and I am crazy stressing out about everything. I would have to say this is the worst experience I’ve had for planning our wedding. Today I was going through a few Mom Blogs I read and I was just amazed on how they are so well put together. They can wake up and do their makeup, actually fit into their clothes, and then I realized that I’m just not okay with how i’m a personally being a mom at this moment, and how I don’t like the fact that I hate my self. So from now things are going to change starting here, I’m changing this blog to become about anything I damn well please. From Disney to what I use to actually clean the house and try not to make it smell like a locker room. Simple as that! I want to thank the who have been emailing me wondering what is going on and how I’m doing. I can now say I will make this a weekly thing, posting on here and staying consistent! I hope you stay tuned and enjoy everything I post!

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