Disney Inspired Small Shop of the day

“I want to be where the people aren’t”… I am so excited to share this weeks small shop with you, so I’m just gonna jump right in to it! Today’s small shop is owned by a computer savvy genius who has an amazing heart. I’ve talked to him a few times over Instagram and every time he has just been the sweetest!

Today’s Small Shop :

Jambo Joe

Joe makes a whole bunch of different things, from Pins, to hats and Shirts. I’ll first show you his shirts that he has, my favorite would be the “I want to be where the people aren’t”, because why wouldn’t you want this. I mean lets be serious not all of us are a “people” person and this just makes the message clear. Then to bring you back to mean girls with a hint of Disney he has a cute shirt with the saying ” That’s so fetch” it spots in the word fetch, which if you know your Disney classics then you know the spots are for 101 Dalmatians.

If you’re a muggle then you wont understand, but if you know your house then Joe has the hat for you that features your own sorting hat. So being a proud Hufflepuff I quickly snatched one of his hats for my self to show my house pride!

Finally i want to show his pins, as I’ve mentioned before I have a huge weakness for pins. So far I have kept my self control and haven’t got these yet but it’s wearing thin… So you know the Instagram like symbol? Yeah well Joe put it on a pin.. with a different Disney symbols. No, I’m not lying, and yes they are perfect. There is all kinds like, Cars, Tinkerbell, Frozen, Peter Pan, Sorcerer Mickey,  I could go on and on of just being in awe.

Okay so if you’re done obsessing over this awesome Disney inspired small shop then go here to get your own merch form Jambo Joe! , if you want to be a jealous person and are not done obsessing over it then go see all the awesome people showing off his stuff then check out his Instagram here.

I hope you enjoy this weeks small shop because I know i did!


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