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Has we embrace the not so wonderful hurricane Irma this week , i’d thought I would brighten up the day by talking about another awesome small shop on my families list of awesome small shops.

Gymboree Sale On Now!
When you go to Disney it’s basically mandatory to wear some kind of Disney head gear. I mean if you don’t you just can sit with us (insert mean girl stance here). When I said head gear I mean of course Mickey Ears, but you theres some awesome “dad hats” out there too! Todays shop is all about Mickey Ears and so Dad Hats.

No you don’t have to be a dad to actually wear the dad hats..

Today’s Shop:

Glitter Whip CO.

This small shop is ran by the wonderful Bryanne. Her love for Disney obviously shows when she makes her supper cute ears and hat. I actually have the awesome Baby Groot inspired hat and it’s so comfy. Speaking of her hats, the different characters she has is awesome! Right now in her shop she has a Mickey Waffle Brunch hat, Poison Apple hat, a DIsney Halloween hat called “Boo to You hat”, floating mountains from Pandora, and of course my favorite the Baby Groot hat!

And if you think her hats are cute, you should check out her ears! Like the hats they vary on characters. Right now she has Neverland ears, Mickey and Minnie Inspired ears, Beauty and the beast inspired ears, Villains ears, and so much more. I’m secretly hoping she comes out with some more of her rose gold ears because they are beautiful and I am obsessed with them.

This small shop is Disney love inside and out. If you want to check some awesome pictures of of her merch then click here for her instagram. If these caught your eye like they did mine, then go grab a pair.. or five by clicking here for her shop!

Once again thanks for reading our awesome blog! I’ve been getting messages telling me how great these shops are which i’m so happy to hear! Check back for our next Small Shop in a few days!

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