Mickey Strawberry and Brownie Sticks

Sometimes Bentley is a serious picky eater, and I get tired of making different things for just him, that includes snacks. Something that has kinda changed my view on making different things for him is turning them into some fun “food art”. Today’s fun snack is Mickey strawberry and brownie sticks! Obviously another way to avoid it is by just telling him tough and make him eater whatever I fix him, but sometimes its just not worth it, just pick your battles on whats really important that day. Plus who wouldn’t want to make anything Mickey shaped?

Super simple to make!

 What You’ll Need:

  • Toothpicks
  • Grill Skewers
  • Strawberries
  • Brownies


So to make them, Just Start by taking a Strawberry slice it down the middle splitting it in half, use one side for Mickey’s face. Use the other side to make the ears, by cutting circles two circles.

Taking the small toothpicks break it in half, and use them to stick on the ears to the top of the unused side of the strawberry. Slide the strawberry Mickey onto the skewer you just made. With the brownies make them brownies according to the box, after baked let them cook then cut them into small squares squares or like I did cut a few mickey heads out, then slide them under the strawberries.

Then bam, a fun and delicious snacks/deserts. Bentley and I loved these, and it made making his snack less boring!

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