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When you look at me you can tell I’m a Stay at home mom, I’m normally dressed down in a t-shirt and jeans with my hair up in a bun. I throw on some eyeliner and I feel alive for the day, but there are times when I love dressing up and this next small shop is my go to shop for my accessories when I do.

Today’s Shop:

Lillian & CO.

Lillian & CO. is a small but oh so fabulous shop! They feature some amazing Disney inspired Bracelets, and now they have watches! Can you say Yes Please? The bracelets come in three amazing options. Sliver, Gold, and even Rose Gold! SO if you have a pair of those new Rose Gold Mickey Ears the Rose Gold Bracelet would match perfectly! They have so many Disney Inspired quotes on them, such as “Beauty is found within” from Beauty and the Beast, “You’ll be in my heart” from Tarzan, and “Best Day Ever” from Tangled,

I currently wear the “Beauty is found within” Gold bracelet when I go on our trips to Disney on a weekly basis, and it has held up to the standards I have for jewelry, which is pretty high cause I normally don’t wear any! I’ve talked to a few customers and they all have raved about how the bracelets are so well made, and so elegant!

Please don’t get me started on the beautiful watches they have, that match the bracelets! I have my eye on the “Kingswell Dreamer”Rose Gold watch! James says I can get it for our wedding coming up in April because my Dress is Rose Gold! Jumping for joy was an understatement!

Here are some Beautiful pictures of both the bracelets and watches!

If you are in love with these elegant bracelets and watches just like I am Click Here for the shop, and if you want to see more beautiful shots of these arm candies click here to see her Instagram page!

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