Disney inspired Small Shop of the day!

Here in this household we love small shops! Especially one’s who of course are Disney Inspired! In this daily post you you will find who we believe to be the coolest and most rockin Disney inspired small shops. They vary from things likes, Shirts, Cups, Patches, Ears, Pins, and even home decor! I will also like to state that none of these shops have offered money nor any of their products, this is 100% our opinion, and we 100% love these shops on our own!

Being a small shop owner myself, I know how hard it is to start off, and how awesome it is when you sell out of your items! When you buy from a small shop the owner probably does a little happy dance! It could be the way they help support their family, or maybe they are just so awesome at making what they do so they decided to sell it for fun! You’ll never get the love that goes into a product like you do from a small shop! So lets see what these awesome shops love making, over the next few weeks we are going to feature a new shop every other day, to shine some light on these awesome people and everything they make!

Today’s shop!

Castles and Coffee

This small shop from Wisconsin brings the coffee loving girl out of me, If you love coffee and Disney together, well then this is your shirt shop. Rachel features awesome shirts that even say.. “Castles and Coffee” its like she knows how much I love both of them , and then together its just magic. Okay, there’s a shirt which just calls my name, it’s inspired by Moana and it has a Coffee cup with the Castles and Coffee logo on it , then says “It calls me”. I’ve talked to many customers and they love the soft comfy feeling of these shirts. There’s also some more of her shirts like “Whip it Good” with a Dole Whip on it! How cute, if you wanna check out her shop Click here. Wanna check out her Instagram which shows off all her awesome shirts as well then click here!

Here are some awesome pictures of her shirts!


My inner Disney Coffee girl is screaming! Being a mom of two now, I need my coffee and of course I need it while i’m at Disney too, I’ve had so many other Disney Coffee lovers ask about my shirt when I wear it! Rachel has so many more shirts available in her wonderful shop. Go check her out!

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    1. So glad you agree! I found this small shop on Instagram a while back and just loved it! Her shirts are so comfy to wear too. Such a must have for trips! Thanks for reading and commenting on my post! I hope you have a magical day!

    1. You totally should! They are so comfy and great for the weather in Florida and California! Thanks for reading and commenting! I hope you have a magical day!

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